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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Three Helpful Tips to Keep Shag Rugs Looking Great!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Three Helpful Tips to Keep Shag Rugs Looking Great!

While many people might consider shaggy carpeting a relic of ages past, there is no denying how soft and comfortable these thick rugs can be. Traditional, or "low pile", carpets are manufactured by looping wool or other materials through a mesh and cutting of the excess fabric. To make shag rugs, manufacturers refrained from sheering off the thick layers of extra carpeting, resulting in a fluffier carpet. It may be true that these dense rugs are more comfortable, but they also require more upkeep to maintain. If you’re looking for the best way to ensure that your shag carpet stays beautiful, consider the following tips.

<strong>Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!
</strong>It only makes sense that a rug comprised of more material would need to be vacuumed more frequently. Since the fibers of shag rugs are longer and more numerous they are easily trampled down, and also retain dirt or spilled liquids better than a low pile carpet. In order to combat this unfortunate fact, the average number of times you should vacuum your rugs is about twice a week. This will keep them clean, soft, and looking great! Some people complain that over vacuuming deteriorates the fibers, but to keep your shag’s fluffy appearance all you need to do is run the vacuum in one direction and then once more in the opposite direction.

<strong>Keep Things Moving
</strong>Your house, like any other, has particular pathways leading from room to room that are very common. These are areas of heavy foot traffic, and it means that the rug along these routes will be tread upon more frequently than other places in the house. Likewise, furniture constantly sits on top of one portion of your carpeting, meaning that the heavy pressure is always being applied to that one spot. To keep your <a href="" title="shaggy rugs">shaggy rugs</a> from becoming pressed flat, make sure to rotate the carpet and move your furniture from time to time. If you distribute the area that received attention, the entire carpet will last longer!

Do you have any tips to keep shag rugs looking good? What furniture do you choose to match your favorite carpet?


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