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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Four Home Décor Rules You Can Break

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Four Home Décor Rules You Can Break

“Never mix and match fabrics on your furniture”
“Only pick one main color for your décor scheme”
“Carpets and kitchens don’t mix”

It seems like every facet of life has its own special rules, and in the world of interior design there are tons of them.  People who are decorating their home for the first time feel the need to follow the supposed iron clad rules of home décor, but doing by the book decorating could leave you with a home that lacks a special style.  There’s a saying that states that rules are made to be broken, so when you’re doing your next big décor project, feel free to do some rule breaking by forgoing these home décor “rules”.

Only use one shade of wood in a room

In the past home decorators would faint at the site of oak and mahogany in the same room, but there’s 
nothing wrong with mixing different types and shades of wood.  Having one of your rooms decorated in a one color format makes the area look very neat, but it also can make it seem a little dull.  You want your new décor to stand out, and if every wall, table, and floor is paneled with the same wood, your house guests will barely notice it.  Mixing woods can give your home a vibrant yet earthy look, and it also helps make certain décor pieces stand out.

Your living room MUST have a couch

Nobody knows when it was decided that couches go in living and family rooms like rugs and runners, but now couches have a de facto place in nearly every sitting area.  Couches provide a nice big area to sit on, but they can also take up a lot of space.  Setting up arm chairs, recliners, sitting cushions, and other eclectic chairs can give your room a fun and cozy atmosphere.  Feel free to put a couch in any of your rooms; just don’t feel like you have to put them anywhere.

Only use one furniture style for your room

If you want a Queen Anne style chair in your dining room, every other chair, table, cabinet, and piece of furniture doesn’t need to be in Queen Anne style.  Many people choose to only use one furniture style in their home because they love the look, but it is no longer a home décor sin to mix and match furniture styles.  Feel free to have an early American arm chair next to your Art Nouveau coffee table.  The contrasting styles can give your room a sophisticated yet wild feel.

Put small furniture in small rooms

If you’re concerned about having enough space in your smaller rooms you should feel free to only decorate with small furniture.  If you’re only using small furniture in your small room because you read the rule in Better Homes and Gardens, it’s time to break free of the décor rule book.  Many interior designers use small furniture in small rooms to make the room appear more spacious, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a large couch in your small family.  Choose a large piece of furniture and make it the focus of your small room.

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