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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Three Tips For Making Your Home Look More Sophisticated

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Tips For Making Your Home Look More Sophisticated

Everybody wants to have a home that looks sophisticated can classy, but many don't have the funds for decorating their home in high end designer items.  There are a lot of things you can do to your home that can improve the look, but not hurt your wallet.  Accessories like circular rugs, vases, and other items can help bring together a room.  If you're ready to add a little class to your home, make sure you follow these easy (and inexpensive) home décor tips.

Keep Fresh Flowers Around

Maybe it's their bright colors or perhaps it has something to do with their smell, but there's something about flowers that people love.  Nothing brightens a room more than flowers, and they also make a classic and beautiful centerpiece for any table.  You can have a bouquet of your favorite or a couple of single flowers can be enough to make the room look nice.

Use Unique Vases

You don't need to have designer vases in your house for it to look classy.  If you go to your local flea market or a good will store, you can find unique glassware that's beautiful and inexpensive.  You could even use old mason jars and decorate them to give your room an original look.

Create Ambiance With Candles

You've probably got a few candles stashed away that you received as gifts, and now is the time to display them!  Candles can give any room some much need sophistication, whether they're lit or not.  Try to use large candles since they'll last longer and are less likely to make a mess.



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