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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Four Tips For Making Your Home Look Cleaner

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Four Tips For Making Your Home Look Cleaner

If there’s one thing that people hate, it’s having to live in a dirty home.  Some people can spend hours cleaning and still feel like their home doesn’t look as tidy as it should.  You don’t need new cleaning products or hire a maid to make your house look clean.  All you need to do is remember these essential tips for making your home look clean.

Lose Light Colors

Having a beige or light colored carpet may go with your décor scheme, but its light shade could be making your home look more dirty than it really is.  Light rugs start to show their age a little earlier than darker rugs, and stains are much more difficult to completely remove from light rugs.  Look into furnishing your home with black rugs or darker colored carpets.  It’ll give your room a new look, and it’ll help your place look a lot more tidy.

Spot Clean

When you notice a stain on your tile floor, don’t break out the mop just yet.  If you want your home to look cleaner, practice spot cleaning instead of major cleaning projects.  Focus on cleaning up stains and spots instead of the entire area.  Spot cleaning takes less time to do, and it’ll really help make your home look cleaner in case you have to clean in a hurry.

Focus On the Three “T”s

If you want to make your home look cleaner focus on spending time cleaning these three things: your tabletops, toilets, and televisions.  People’s eyes are naturally drawn to those three things, and if they look dusty or dirty your whole room can look less clean than it actually is.

De-Clutter Décor

Clutter doesn’t have to come from trash and junk, having a shelf full of knick-knacks and a wall full of pictures can make your room look way too full.  Go around your home and see which pictures and décor items you can stand to take down, and aim to take at least two things from areas that are very full.

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