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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Answers To Your Biggest Décor Dilemmas

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Answers To Your Biggest Décor Dilemmas

Every décor project is unique, but there are a few things every person re-decorating their homes experience.  They wonder about what the best colors are for their room, where they should shop for new décor items, and how they'll be able to afford the project.  If you're new to interior design you may feel a little lost as you plan your project, but luckily there are a variety of resources at your disposable.  Websites dedicated to interior design, home décor magazines, and of course this blog, can help answer all of your questions.  You may think that you have questions you won't be able to find an answer to, but you'll find that your questions aren't that uncommon.

Q: What décor items can I buy that will still look good in a few years?

A: The problem with home décor trends comes down to what they are: trends.  Trends can fall out of popularity as quickly as they fell in them, and it's difficult to tell which trends will have staying power and which ones will fade.  The simplest answer to this question is to just buy items that you truly like.  You can pick and choose color themes and items from some current trends and mix and max them with others so that you have something unique and personal to your tastes.  Remember: you're personal taste will never be out of vogue for you.

Q: I don't have a lot of money to spend on my redecorating project.  How can I re-do a room without spending too much money?

If you want to add a new look to your room, consider painting an accent wall instead of re-doing the entire area.  Accent walls make enough of a dramatic change to a room without changing much.  An accent wall is simple to do, and a can of paint and a few brushes and rollers won't break the bank.  Instead of buying new furniture, look for throw pillows and couch/chair covers to spice them up.  Also consider going to your local flea market and Goodwill store to pick up some unique décor items.

Q: I've painted the walls and gotten new furniture by my room still doesn't feel finished.  What else can I do?

A: Window treatments and rugs can really help tie your room together.  There are a lot of modern rugs and window treatments you can use to help put the finishing touches on your room.  Look for throw rugs with abstract designs if you have a plain/solid colored room, and look for elegant curtains to help add some class to your windows.

Q: I feel like my room is too crowded after my project.  What do I to fix it?

Going overboard on décor items isn't unheard of in the world of interior design, and if your room feels more cramped you probably added too many décor accessories.  Go through your room and take out every accessory you added, then only put one third of them back.  Your room will feel much more spacious afterwards. 

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