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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Three Ways To Turn Old Items Into Hot Décor Pieces

Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Ways To Turn Old Items Into Hot Décor Pieces

If you want to make a big décor change in your home you don't have to purchase a lot of new items, many of the things in your house could be re purposed and used to spice up your décor scheme.  Many interior decorators use old household items to breathe new life into rooms, and there are bound to be things in your home that could be re purposed into something beautiful and useful.  Your old shaggy rugs could be sown together and made into an interesting furniture slip, and your old bed frame could be spruced up and made into a unique message board.  Think twice before you throw away your old dresser and ladder, they could help your home look more stylish.

When your kid is ready for their "big kid" furniture you may feel tempted to run out and by some kid friendly furniture, but you could easily re-purpose one of your old dressers into something more eye-catching.  Look for a bright shade of chalkboard paint to use on your dresser, and slap on a few coats of your color of choice.  The bright colors look great, and your child will love having somewhere they can draw (it may even keep some of your walls and doors safe from your well-meaning kid's art).

Make Your Left Over Cabinet Doors Into Mantel Décor

If you recently remodeled a room you may have some extra material left over, and many people find themselves with an extra cabinet door or two.  Instead of throwing away your extra planks of wood and cabinet doors, turn them into an eye catching décor piece.  Paint your left over material an eye catching color, and prop up a decorative plate or candles next to it. 

Do you have a few scraps of wallpaper sitting around from your last big move?  Instead of letting them take up space in an old box, grab some decoupage glue and turn your end table or coffee table into something new and exciting.  Wallpaper can easily be put on other surfaces, and this DIY craft is relatively simple to do.

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