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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: 5 Tips on Keeping Your Throw Rug Fresh

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Tips on Keeping Your Throw Rug Fresh

A throw rug can give any room in your house an entirely new appearance.  And the best throw rugs don’t have to cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.  The look and feel of a throw rug looks great on stone and even wood flooring.  Not only that, but a throw rug can also complement small rooms such as a bedroom or office.  However, over the years, a small rug can lose its freshness if not maintained properly. With the summer in full swing, most people will leave their windows open causing dirt, dust, and allergens to become trapped in their rugs and runners.  Listed below are five valuable tips to keep your small rug clean and fresh:

1.)    Before stepping onto your rug, kick off the shoes.
Put a plastic cover over your throw rug to protect it from dirt.  Remember, if anyone walks on your rug and tracks in mud that will not stay on the bottom of their shoes, but rather on your clean rug.

2.)    Vacuum your rug at least twice a month. 
Flipping your rug over and vacuuming both sides weekly would be perfect but of course life gets in the way.  By vacuuming twice a month you will prevent the dirt and allergens from becoming airborne.  Keep in mind that if you have a dog or cat, you should vacuum every day.  Try using a using a vacuum with a beater, or rotator brush that will help push the dirt that is trapped deep down in the rug.

3.)    Only use a spot cleaner or rug shampoo.
If you use a carpet cleaner or shampoo on your rug and runner, you could possibly cause further harm. Unfortunately, most carpet shampoos are usually made just for carpets.

4.)    Prevent stains by cleaning spills or spots a.s.a.p.
Remember, if you provide regular maintenance you will keep your rug smelling fresh.  But, if you have small children or pets, it may seem impossible to remove a spot or spill as soon as it occurs.  Immediately begin to blot or scrape the spot with a clean cotton towel.  Although, you should make an effort not to rub in the spill but rather continuously press firmly down on the area.

5.)    Let your rug dry in the fresh air.
After removing a spill or spot, the rug needs to be dried outside.  But, if you cannot hang your small rug out to dry, a fan can be used for this process.



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