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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Three Tips for Decorating Your Home for the Summer

Monday, May 13, 2013

Three Tips for Decorating Your Home for the Summer

Some people like to think of springtime being the ultimate season for re-decorating, but some people like to find new décor themes for their homes each time the seasons change.  Rugs and runners, colorful glasses, and a few more accessories could be all you need to spice up your home this summer.  If you're ready to try something new when the days get longer, try following a few of these decorating tips.

When you have company over you usually entertain them in your living room or family room, but you could be taking advantage of the beautiful weather by making your patio or back yard your main gather place this summer.  Purchase some inexpensive patio furniture or use couches and chairs that are made with weather resistant fabric outside.  You can use an old dresser or side table for a cabinet to hold drinks and finger foods, and find an outdoor rug to tie the whole thing together.

Create a Reading/Privacy Area

This tip would work out best for parents who have their kids home for the summer.  Whether you want a place for your children to read quietly, or you want a place that you can call your own, you make it this summer without having to build a new addition to your home.  Find a room with open space and choose a corner to call your own (corners near windows with abundant light work best).  Find a few comfortable pillows to sit on and add a small end table, and you have your special space for peace and quiet.

Hang Some Lanterns

It seems like electricity gets more and more expensive each summer, but there is a way you could lower your electric bill and add some flair to your home.  Instead of using lamps and light bulbs for light this summer, look for stylish candle lanterns to hand in your rooms.  You'll save a lot of money on electricity and give your room some ambiance.

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