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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Three Tips for Choosing a Color Scheme

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Three Tips for Choosing a Color Scheme

When it comes to redecorating a room people always seem to get stuck when it comes to picking out a color scheme.  Finding the right colors for a redecorating project takes more time than simply finding some hallway runners or throw rug in your favorite color.  If you're having trouble picking a color scheme, follow these tips to make planning and decorating easier.

Choose Colors From An Eye Catching Part of Your Room

What would you call the center piece of your room?  Is it a couch, a throw rug, or another piece of furniture?  If you're having trouble picking out a color scheme, pick out some of your favorite colors featured in the most eye catching décor piece in your room.  It'll look good with your furniture, and you'll be guaranteed to pick a color that you like.

 Go From Light to Dark

Take a look out your window and think about the colors you see.  When you look down you see dark green grass, black asphalt, and maybe some dark brown dirt, and when you look up you see the light blue sky and white clouds.  If you want your new color scheme to look good, take some inspiration from nature.  The color of interior spaces should, and usually do, imitate the look of the outside world.  When you're outside you usually see darker colors below your feet, and lighter colors as you look up.  If you choose dark colors for your floor, medium colors for your wall, and light colors for your wall boarders and ceiling, you'll have a visually striking and well put together room.

When you're picking out a new color scheme remember the 60-30-10 rule that interior decorators follow.  Divide the colors in the space you're decorating into components: 60% of the room will be the dominant color, 30% the secondary color, and 10% of an accent color.  Your walls will take up most of the dominant color, than the upholstery on your furniture will be the secondary color, and your throw pillows and other small objects will be your accent color.


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