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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Three Bedroom Themes that Feature a Black Rug

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three Bedroom Themes that Feature a Black Rug

Black rugs are great because they go with any room. They will easily match the color scheme and style of a bedroom.

There are many types of black rugs out there that are suitable for nearly any style. If you have a bedroom that you are eager to renovate, then consider the following three themes that could easily use a black rug:

A modern theme: A bedroom with a modern theme can benefit highly from the use of a black rug. If you were to have a black and white themed modern room, there are many different types of black rugs that could be suitable for this concept. For example, you could use an abstract black rug with swirling white designs, paired with a splash of another hue to give the room some color.  You could also go along with a black rug with a white ink splatter, similar to a Jackson Pollock painting.

A gothic theme: If you have a bedroom with a gothic theme, black is the best color of choice. Of course, you can add in a few bold colors here and there, such as red, deep blue, dark purple, and green, which are famous gothic colors. If you want to add some color to your rug for a gothic-themed room, consider adding a color combination rug. One good example is a black and purple checkered rug. These are two gothic colors combined into one contemporary pattern. Plus, you can add hints of purple throughout your room, unless you chose to get the checkered pattern rug combined with a different color.

A wild theme: Maybe you or someone you love has a wild side. If this is the case, why not show it in a bedroom? By putting an animal print rug in the room, you can easily display a wild personality. A black and white zebra print rug could work perfectly for a wild theme, or you could even use a black leopard print rug. If you’re feeling extra wild, a combination of both zebra and leopard print patterns can both be featured on one rug.

These are only three themes you can use a black rug for, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Since black goes with anything, you can feel pretty confident knowing that your rug will work out well for you.


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