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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Three Tips for Decorating This Spring

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Three Tips for Decorating This Spring

Despite the chilly temperatures and occasional flurry it's officially springtime, and there are a variety of homeowners who are spending the start of the season re-decorating their homes.  Some redecorate by replacing their decorative wool rugs with decorative shag rugs, but there are other simple things you can do that can help your home get a new look for the new season.

Nothing says spring like a fresh bouquet of flowers, and some floral arrangements can spice up any room in your home.  If you want to redecorate your house and have fun at the same time, throw a flower party.  Ask each guest to bring a bouquet of their favorite flowers, and then have everyone make a bouquet.  Your guests can each take home a small floral arrangement, and you'll be left with several bouquets of beautiful flowers.

When most people paint their rooms they focus on the vertical walls, but some people in the decorating industry are starting to paint ceilings.  Painting the ceiling in a lightly colored room helps add some much needed color to the space.  Many people also choose to paint their ceiling because it helps make the room look more spacious.  When you look up at a pale blue or blue gray ceiling it can feel like you're looking at the sky; and that little feeling can make a room feel much bigger than it really is.

When most people redecorate rooms they tend to focus on the furniture, walls and floor, and not the actual shelves in the room.  Re-arranging your bookshelf won't just help it look neater, it can also open up some decorating opportunities.  You could color-code your books to make certain colors stand out more, or you could add vases, flowers, and other decorative objects to the shelves to spice them up.

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