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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: How to De-Stress Your Home

Friday, February 8, 2013

How to De-Stress Your Home

Your home shouldn't just be a place to live, it should be a place for you to relax and find refuge from your everyday worries.  Some people are able to leave the stress of the outside world at their house's door step, but some people find it a little more difficult to relax when they finally come home.  If you're finding that a cup of a tea and a few venting sessions can't relieve your workday stress, it may be time to give your home a relaxing making over.  A fresh coat of paint, a few area and circular rugs, and some old fashioned feng shui may be what you need to turn your home into your personal relaxation paradise. 

Choose Comfort over Style

You may want your friends to come into your home and immediately admire your eclectic style, but it would be better to have a home your friends can come in to and marvel at how relaxing the atmosphere is.  Leather bound furniture and expensive coffee tables are fun to look at, but using them is another matter.  You want furniture that you can relax on and use, if you choose furniture solely for the way it looks you could find yourself unwilling to use it to its full potential because you want to keep it in good condition.  In the long run a big couch with soft upholstery will be a lot more comfortable than an expensive couch you're afraid to sit on.

Look for Calming Colors

Any person working in the advertising industry can tell you how important colors are for setting a certain mood.  Fast food restaurants decorate with red hues because the color seems to make people hungry, and clubs will decorate with bright colors in order to make their places look more fun.    Changing a few colors in your home could make you feel a bit more relaxed.  Try painting your walls with shades of blue for a calming feel, or try earth tones to give your rooms a natural and relaxed look.


Do you find yourself feeling more relaxed and confident after you clean up your work desk?  Clutter seems to have a stressful effect on people, and your home doesn't need to be messy in order for it to be cluttered.  Your rooms could be filled with too much furniture or your walls could have too many pictures, and eventually all of that stuff can leave you feeling a little agitated.  Go through your rooms and see if there's anything you'd be willing to sell or put into storage.  When your home because less cluttered you'll find yourself feeling a lot more relaxed.

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