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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Rugs and Runners: Inexpensive New Decor

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rugs and Runners: Inexpensive New Decor

Redecorating your home isn't an easy task, it can take weeks to find a new décor look that you like and can easily do on you own.  Some people hire interior decorators in order to give their homes the perfect new look, but if you don't have a few hundred dollars to spend on hiring one you'll have to handle your décor responsibilities.  Rugs and runners are an easy way for you to add some style into your home without spending a lot of money. 

Low Cost

How much money do you think it would cost to carpet a single room in your home?  If your answer doesn't have at least three numbers in it, you're way off.  When you factor in the cost of the carpet and installation, you're looking at spending around $250+ on one room.  You can find a good quality rug or runner for a fraction of the price, you'd save a lot of time and money with some simple rugs instead of new carpeting.

Simple Installation

Decorating the walls and floors can get complicated and expensive very easily, especially if you're doing it DIY style.  If you were to get new traditional carpeting, your first step would be spending hours tearing up your current carpet.  After that's done the floor should be properly cleaned, and then you'll spend even more hours trying to place the carpet correctly.  Re-painting a wall or even just adding wallpaper could take hours, maybe even a day or two.  If you redecorate with rugs and runners you'll be done in a matter of minutes.  All you need to do is find where you'll be placing the item, and then you're done!

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