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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Large Rugs for Big Redecorating Projects

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Large Rugs for Big Redecorating Projects

When the time comes to redecorate your house you'll have a lot of decisions to make.  Many people focus on finding a new kind of wallpaper, painting an accent wall, or finding new furniture to brighten up their rooms.  Few people think about making any décor changes to their floor, but making a change to your hardwood floors or carpeting could add a lot to your décor theme.  Finding a few large rugs for your home is the perfect way to redecorate your home without having to spend a lot of money.

Accentuate With an Accent Rug

Accent rugs are an interior decorator's best friend.  They can add a splash of color to your room without having to make a lot of other changes to your furniture or walls.  They can create a focal point or area of interest in your room, and also help add some warmth to stone, concrete, or hardwood floors.  Don't think that large accent rugs are only for homes without carpeting, a large area rug could help protect your wall to wall carpeting.

Tips and Tricks

-If you're thinking of using a rug to help redecorate your room, follow these tips:

-If you're planning on using more than one rug to redecorate, try to get rugs that complement each other in style.  

-If you're using too many clashing rugs (ie: rugs with drastically different patterns or colors) your redecorating theme could look a little sloppy.
If you're putting an accent rug in a room with elaborate wall paper or furniture with bold patterns, try to find a plain solid color rug for the room.  Your accent rug shouldn't be competing with your bold décor theme, and a plain large rug could help "quiet down" a bold room.

-Even if you're planning on putting an accent rug on a floor with carpeting, your rug should have a sturdy rug liner to keep it in place and prevent slipping accidents.



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