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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Area Rugs for Anywhere

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Area Rugs for Anywhere

The first thing that usually comes to mind when you think about area rugs is, perhaps, a nice colorful shag underneath the coffee table in the living room, or an oversized one warming up a kid's room. However, if you've ever had hard flooring, you know that the cold tends to seep up through the floor in the winter, making it all the more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Having rugs all throughout the house can really warm it up – in terms of temperature and color. Here are a few places you may not have thought to put one.

In the bathroom: Get yourself a teeny tiny shag for in front of the bathroom sink and you'll never look back. There's nothing better than having warm feet when groggily brushing your teeth in the morning. This is a great way to tie together bathroom décor as well. If this is where the ladies in the house stand to do their hair, you'll also much appreciate how easy it is to vacuum all the loose hairs that fall as opposed to sweeping.

In the kitchen. Maybe your tile flooring has started to look dated but you aren't ready to take on the project of replacing it. Or, perhaps, you don't want your kitchen tables and chairs to damage the floor. Putting a nice, bold-colored rug on the kitchen floor, though it may seem nonconventional at first, really breaks up the atmosphere by adding a splash of color and protects the floor as well.

On the patio. There are plenty of options available that serve as indoor/outdoor rugs quite well. Especially if your patio is covered, there's no better way to make for a cozy outdoor sanctuary. Pair warm colors with candles or torches and some colorful outdoor lighting and it'll quickly become your favorite place for morning coffee as well as night-time entertaining.


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