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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Design Your Dream Home With Designer Rugs

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Design Your Dream Home With Designer Rugs

As any design professional will tell you, designing the perfect home décor starts from the ground up, literally. Area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting take up the most space of any item in a room. Aside from the color on the walls, it is the easiest way to change the complexion of a room and gives you a color pallet to work from. But while area rugs are not hard to come by, finding a good one is more important than many first-time designers may think. That is why, when furnishing a home on a budget, spending on a designer rug has far-flung benefits, giving you a strong foundation on which to build.

Comfort: Coming from an ancient tradition dating back to the earliest tribes of human history, rug makers handy with a loom learned to make floor coverings out of any material available to them. Today's technology allows us more flexibility than ever to make rugs out of very luxurious—or very low-quality—materials. If you are purchasing a rug for an area you plan to spend a lot of time in, like a dining room or entertainment area, designer rugs are softer on bare feet, more comfortable if people want to sit on the floor and create a more inviting atmosphere for guests.

Durability: Carpets in high-traffic areas can show wear from various imprints in their delicate fibers. But rug designers studied in creating not only beautiful designs but finding the strongest materials can offer rugs that don't show these marks nearly as noticeably. For entertainment areas, where family members may be eating or drinking, spills are a natural occurance as common as wear spots. Many designer rugs can be treated and stain guarded to prevent against staining. By choosing a designer known for durability and protection, you ensure your rug will continue to look as good as the day you brought it home.

More Options: While many new home owners may be sticking to simple color schemes or matching items shown in sets to create a cohesive home, more advanced home décor shoppers may want a specific blend of colors, a rug with a unique look or an oddly shaped rug to complete the look of a room. For these shoppers, designer rugs provide something a little different that many mass manufactured rug brands may not take a risk on. From round rugs to intricate designs to unique color schemes, you can find any type of addition to your floor that your imagination can cook up when you check out designer rugs.


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