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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: The Versatility of Wool Rugs

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Versatility of Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are soft, elegant and perfect for completing a cozy look and pulling a room together. Finding the perfect wool rug for your space is important. Having a high quality pad underneath of the rug is very important when choosing a wool rug. This will keep your family safe as a high quality pad underneath the rug will keep anyone from slipping or the rug from sliding, possibly causing injury. The stability of the rubber pad also helps make cleaning and vacuuming the rug much easier.

Wool rugs are a wonderful way to protect wood floors without hiding them. They come in many shapes, sizes, colours and varieties. Wool rugs also give you as the decorator a chance to flaunt your own style. Most carpets remain neutral in colour and help to blend in a room, whereas wool rugs can pop and really help a room shine.

Wool rugs are especially popular because they can stand the test of time, wear and tear. The natural properties in the wool rugs make them durable and last through the years. With their being over 200 types of sheep, the textures alone are endless and with the numerous styles and origins behind wool rugs, there's a never ending list of options to choose from when looking for a high quality wool rug. They even work as an addition to rooms with carpeting, just to really tie everything in together. You can find places that hand make their wool rugs for that extra special rug that has hard hand work locked inside. For convenience, you can also find many places that have machine made wool rugs.

In ancient cultures, wool rugs were used as money. That fact alone can tell you how special and important these rugs are in some cultures. In many cultures today, the wool rugs are still revered as they were hundreds of years ago and the rug weaving traditions remain as well. For a quality rug that is stitched in time and will last for years, you've just got to go with wool rugs.


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