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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: That Rug Really Tied the Room Together

Monday, June 11, 2012

That Rug Really Tied the Room Together

Designing a room is no easy task. Even if you've gathered a strong set of furniture and accent elements, getting everything to click can be elusive. The right rug can be the unifying element that brings everything together or the contrast point that makes everything else pop. Rugs stretch under the furniture in a room and act as physical, as well as visual unifiers. Use this extra presence to your advantage.

Solid Colours
Solidly coloured rugs bring a bold, modern look to a room. Black has an especially modern flavour and can be used as an active element in a black and white colour scheme or a backdrop to a more colourful approach. Rugs with strong, primary colours bring a little more flavor to a room without sacrificing a modern, serious look. Depending on your choice of colours and patterns the rug will either tie into the rest of decor or present a contrast point.

Whether you are using the rug to emphasize or counterpoint a theme it's important to not overdo it. Red furniture on a red rug will look a bit violent without a little contrast. Conversely if you setup too many contrast points everything will look that much busier on the solid backdrop. You'll end up with something messy, rather than interesting.

Patterned Rugs
Rugs with a pattern will more deeply engage the eye and have a larger presence in a room when compared to solid rugs. A beautifully patterned rug can act as a centerpiece on its own rather than a backdrop or contrast point. The right rug can even be hung on the wall.

Keep your pattern in line with the rest of the room. If you have many complex patterns use a floral or damask pattern. If you are using simpler colours or patterns a more geometric pattern will serve the room better. Patterned rugs rarely work well as a counterpoint. They're more likely to end up as a clashing point.


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