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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: How to Include Black Rugs in Your Home

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Include Black Rugs in Your Home

The Color Black as a Design Element
Using the color black as a design element can be limiting when it comes to a room's decor, but the classic color can also give a room a unique appearance. Using design elements that are solid black in color can make a space look very modern, but it has to be done in the right way to pull it off. Sometimes it takes a little playing around with furniture and other decoration to get the balance right, but once the balance is found the room will look beautiful. Using black rugs is a great way to incorporate the color black as a design element, while still maintaining the balance of the room.

The Color Black in Combination with Neutrals
When using black rugs one way to decorate the rest of the room is with neutral colors. This is the best way to keep the black rug looking like it coordinates with the rest of the room. A black rug can be paired with furniture upholstered in different shades of grey, tan or white. It is usually good to include some other black accessories in the room, but nothing as large as the black rug that already sits on the floor. Black throw pillows on the couch or a decorative black vase are examples of some appropriate pieces.

Black in Combination with Other Bright Colors
Black rugs can also be paired with solid-colored furniture, but it is important that all of the furniture is in the same color family to avoid confusing the eye. If using furniture in all of the same color family (such as all blues or all yellows) the black helps to create a back drop that makes the rest of the color in the room pop. 

Avoiding Colored Patterns
When using black rugs it is usually best to avoid colored patterns or the room can look awkward and off-balanced. This does not mean patterns cannot be used at all. In fact, it can be very visually appealing if black and white patterns are included in a room with a black rug. The contrasting colors play well against each other and can make the entire room look striking and beautiful.


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