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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: The History of Oriental Rugs

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The History of Oriental Rugs

An Oriental rug is a rug that comes from the east such as a Turkish rug, a Persian rug, a Smyrna rug, etc. By definition, the Oriental rug is also one that is hand woven from fine fibers and materials. The origin of these special rugs can be dated back before the Eighth Century B.C., as wealthy families began furnishing their homes in these magnificent rugs. Although they were created for hundreds of years, the greatest period of productivity for the Oriental rug was during the Safavil period in Persia. It is important to remember that while rug weaving was greatest in Persia during this time, it was also prevalent throughout most of the world. Each society had its own way of weaving, therefore creating different textures and patterns that reflected their culture. Many cultures also added designs to the rugs that were similar to the ones they used to put on walls when carving hieroglyphics. In many Asian cultures, the artistry behind rug weaving remains as strong today as it was in the fifteenth century.

It wasn't until 1876 that Oriental rugs were introduced in America. The unique rugs were put on an exhibit and made quite an impression on the Americans who viewed them. For instance, William Sloan of W.J. Sloan was so impressed that he bought the entire collection of rugs and went on to open the first major retail store offering Oriental rugs. Today, many people are still taken aback by the sheer beauty of Oriental rugs. Fortunately for homeowners, The Rugs Warehouse offers a number of beautifully detailed rugs that reflect the same patterns that make Oriental pieces so popular.  Take a look at our collection to today to find the perfect rug to compliment your room.


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