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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: The Benefits of Circular Rugs

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Benefits of Circular Rugs

Are you feeling stressed out by having to find a new rug for a room in your home? Don’t worry. Selecting the appropriate rug for any room can cause even the most experienced interior designers some anxiety. Colors, textures and the size of a rug can have a certain appeal when one views it in a store or online, but that appeal can change quickly once the rug is brought into the home and the room where it is to be positioned.

To avoid mishaps from occurring, it is important for people to first consider the type of room for which they need a rug. They need to think about the type of décor that is currently in the room as well the color of room's walls and other elements that affect the room's atmosphere. What type of flooring is in the room? Do you have fashionable wood floor moldings or antique floor boards that you paid to have restored that you want to keep visible in the room? If so, circular rugs would be your best carpeting solution. Circular rugs not only allow natural floors to show, but it still brings in additional colors or patterns to the room.

Another benefit of using circular rugs is that they help smaller rooms appear larger. Since a round rug exposes parts of the floor, it will make a small amount of floor space appear larger than what it really is. Round rugs also give homeowners more freedom to place the carpet anywhere in the room. These rugs do not have to be set centered in a room because they are small enough to not throw off the balance in a space. They can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom by the sink, or in the corner of a bedroom by the bed. These circular rugs can be used to cover a floor plug or to simply accommodate your furniture. 

Round rugs, overall, are more versatile than square or oblong rugs. They are available in just as many varieties as other rugs and they can be placed in more areas of a house. If you are looking to purchase a new rug from your home, The Rug Warehouse's circular rugs may be your best option.


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