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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Persian Rugs Complete Room Renovation

Monday, April 2, 2012

Persian Rugs Complete Room Renovation

Put the perfect finishing touch on your newly-renovated room with Persian rugs chosen for the look you're trying to achieve.

No matter the décor or style of the room you're renovating, Persian rugs are the perfect finishing touch. Elegant, timeless, and beautiful, Persian rugs offer a unique addition to any room.

Persian rugs are an integral form of artistic and cultural expression, and have been so since ancient times for Persians. Hand-woven Persian rugs are incredibly labor-intensive, and offer an outlet of artistic expression for the weaver. The theme pattern on hand-woven Persian rugs is often worked from memory, having been passed down through the generations of a particular family of weavers. The main design is often altered only slightly for each piece.

Most Persian rugs follow one of four basic design patterns: central medallion, asymmetrical, compartmental, and unidirectional.

Central medallion patterns feature a central large design, smaller sub-designs, and borders which all contribute to the overall motif of the rug. The symmetry of these designs make them ideal for accenting a room without drawing too much attention.

Asymmetrical or one-sided rugs often display landscape-type scenes. They may be created as tributes to a person or place. The intense detail in one-sided Persian rugs make them less an accent to a room and more a conversation-piece or a highlight.

Compartmental Persian rugs, as the name suggests, have multiple designs tiled across the rug. In many cases, this presentation method enables the weaver to create a story with the images, similar to hieroglyphics on an Egyptian tomb. The images may commemorate a life, an important event, or simply tell an interesting story. These rugs are show-stopping, and are often used as a piece of art in a room.

Unidirectional Persian rugs are also called full-rug or all-over designs. They typically are composed of repeating designs and are great accent pieces.

The different motifs and designs of Persian rugs make them a wonderful addition to any room. Use these beautiful creations as pieces of art, a conversation pieces, central themes, or as accents for a room. The versatility and creative beauty of Persian rugs can help you to bring all the elements of a room together and top it off perfectly.



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