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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Black Rugs for Modern-Style Flats

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black Rugs for Modern-Style Flats

As you're decorating your new flat, look into versatile and chic black rugs that provide stunning accent to your furniture and décor.

Black is an incredibly popular colour, and it's easy to see why. Modern-style decoration places a strong emphasis on simplicity, and solid themes with small splashes of colour can provide a flat or home with an incredibly sleek, timeless feel.

Entirely-black sofas with solid red throw-pillows, black end-tables with small bright decorative pieces, and even black furniture with stainless steel or coloured components can create a modern-style abode that's elegant and stylish.

The versatility of black décor is a huge draw. Black matches every colour, and enhances bold designs unlike any other colour can. This versatility extends the life of accent pieces like black rugs, because even an entire change in room style or a new decorative addition will not clash with the existing features…with a room full of black furniture and black rugs, a large vibrant painting or a new tapestry will be a welcome splash of colour, texture, and design that fits perfectly no matter the previous décor.

Black backgrounds on a printed rug can significantly emphasize the pattern or design of the piece. Similar to the way black furniture with boldly colourful accents provides a stark contrast, dark background makes busy designs much more visible. This is incredibly useful when using rugs as decorative accents in a themed room: for example, if you've decorated a room with floral patterns, you may look into a rug with a large bright flower and a black background. The black background will make the flower print much more exaggerated, transforming an ordinary rug into a piece of accent art! If you're decorating a room with wooden furniture or flooring, you can find a black rug with brown tones that pick up the shade and grain of the wood you're using.

The decorative possibilities with rugs are truly endless, and black rugs enable you to transform your flat or home as many times as you'd like without having to buy all new features each time. Versatility, contrast, and an incredibly sleek look all make black rugs the perfect addition to a modern-style home.



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