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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Spring Cleaning Brings New Trends To Home Design This Season

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning Brings New Trends To Home Design This Season

With Spring in the air, interior designers have begun showing off new looks as homeowners get started on their spring cleaning checklists. With so many home designs to choose from—wall coverings, furniture, rugs and runners—it can be tough to know how to pick the best designs for you. But designers from around the globe are here to help. This guide showcases just a few of the trends hitting living rooms and kitchens this spring.

Round Rugs: Oval and circular rugs have graced homes around the globe as bathmats and as part of post-modern Ikea look-books, but while rectangle rugs have always been the safer choice, many designers are showing circular rugs coupled with modern furniture as a way to add edge to your home décor. According to designers at U.S. firm Westbrock Home, round area rugs can add dramatic impact to a small living room by impacting the way the space is perceived.

Bright Spring Colors: From pastel green vases to hot pink ottomans, High Street gurus in London are showing off bright splashes of color around their interior designs. Check out the slideshow here.

Sunny Chairs: From floral printed banquet chairs to bright-colored plastic chairs, bringing color to your home through chairs is the best way to show off your taste and style this spring. HGTV's designers have showcased numerous floral chairs with splashes of pink, pastel and wild floral prints.

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