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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: The Designer Rug Vs.The Interior Decorator

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Designer Rug Vs.The Interior Decorator

In this time of recession, people are looking to cut corners whenever they can. The last thing you might think of to solve your financial woes is buying a new designer rug. But as many homeowners look to stay in their homes instead of selling into a less-than-desirable real estate market, renovating and redesigning can cost a fortune. Fortunately, a less expensive option could be right under your nose. Or under your feet.

Designer rugs are amazing pieces of art that live on your floor. Multicolor designs, plush fabrics and even rugs that are full of crazy colors and modern designs can show off your personality and change the mentality of a room, without having to break the bank.

While it may seem like a good idea to hire an interior decorator to help you rearrange your home, services like these can cost thousands. Designer rugs and runners tie a room together and can connect the various color palates of your common areas, giving you a natural flow. To increase the creative vibe of your home, try rearranging the rest of the furniture and lamps to feature your new rugs, giving a natural flow, or feng shui, to your home. These techniques will bring color, light and energy to your home, without charging by the hour.

Simple changes can make huge impacts on a room without spending too much money. Find the perfect rugs and watch the rest of the room fall into place.

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