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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Hand-woven Oriental Rugs

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hand-woven Oriental Rugs

There are three common materials used for making hand-woven rugs, wool, silk and cotton. Silk rugs are often the most expensive, while wool tends to be the most durable for using in heavily trafficked areas of the home. Hand-woven oriental rugs have been a popular choice of homeowners for hundreds of years.

Hand-woven rugs have originated with the weaving traditions from various countries throughout the world. Turkey, China, India and Persia (modern Iran) are just a few of the countries which have influenced weaving styles. Each year millions of rugs are exported from these regions of the world and sold to homeowners who find these rugs desirable.

There are two basic weave types in hand-woven rugs: flat woven and pile (also known as plush). Both of these weave types also come in a variety of styles. The knots which are used in the weaving help to distinguish the style.

Oriental rugs are a great way to enhance the look in any room of your home. Their elegant design and vibrant colors are perfect for your living and dining rooms. Hand-woven rugs from wool are also eco-friendly and beneficial for individuals who struggle with allergens.
No matter what your interior design preference may be, an oriental rug is sure to bring beauty to your home.


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