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The Rugs Warehouse Blog: Tips For Buying Designer Rugs for The Holidays

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tips For Buying Designer Rugs for The Holidays

When you were thinking of a great holiday gift idea for your loved one, you may have come to the conclusion that designer rugs were the perfect present and you would be correct – as long as you know what to look for. Designer rugs are all about fashion and enhancing the style and feel of a room. If you are buying rugs for your significant other, you must look at the room the rugs would be laid out through the eyes of your loved one. Below are some tips for choosing the perfect designer rugs for a holiday gift that is sure to "wow".

Consider The Final Look
– When you purchase designer rugs, you need to have an end game. The flooring of any room is the heart of the style.  If you are holiday shopping for someone who is renovating a room in their house, designer rugs are a great gift idea. The rug can provide the spark that determines the wall color, which will then determine the window treatments, which will then determine the fabrics and furnishings. If an animal print is chosen, the room is going to have an exotic, more sophisticated look. On the flip side, a contemporary rug offers a comfortable look for a relaxing feel.

Follow The Pattern – Patterns have a lot to do with personal tastes, but there are many practical reasons for choosing a carpet that features an intricate pattern. For starters, if you are buying a rug for your wife and you have children, you know that spills can happen. Patterns can hide blemishes and wear better than solid rugs. Certain designer rugs look better with different furniture. For instance, Oriental and European rugs will go better with a room that is furnished with traditional furniture. Clean lines in a pattern go better with modern furniture.

Colours – When it comes to colours, they should match the feel of a room. A great pattern can be wasted on a poor colour choice. For example, if the designer rug clashes with the walls, window treatments and fabric in a room, there is no benefit in choosing that particular rug. Fortunately, our experts will be able to take your input and help you find the perfect designer rug for your loved one. When you have an understanding of what a particular person likes, it's nearly impossible not to find designer rugs that will "wow" them this holiday season.



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